Govt. Polytechnic Institute Mardan

Technology for Prosperity



Labs are the integral part of the science curriculum. Govt Polytechnic Institute Mardan strongly believes that appropriate science laboratories are essential for students of all ages and levels. To help students in developing /deep understanding of the science as the nature of science, the attitudes of science, and the skills of scientific reasoning.


A large number of sports facilities in Govt. Polytechnic Institute Mardan are the center of our interest where a team of friendly and qualified additional staff is available to help students. The college offers variety of sport opportunities. A separate period for sports is allocated in academic timetable. The students participate in different kinds of outdoor and indoor activities. IQRA Schools are among those few institutions where a large number of sports facilities are provided to the students for their mental and physical training. GPI Students participate in all sports events of district tournaments and other institutions. Sports including foot ball, cricket, volley ball, badminton and table tennis in which the system schools have shown outstanding performance.


Govt Polytechnic Institute Mardan is proud of its bright and spacious library where staff and students are facilitated. It has a large collection of informative, entertaining, knowledgeable and reference books. The Library has a good record system and the books are shelved with a colour coded scheme and with the Dewey decimal classification system. Books once borrowed must be returned within 14 days.


Students are provided with opportunities of outdoor entertainment. The authorities make arrangements to take the students on study and recreational picnic/tours.


Good and quality education must encompass more than the academic subjects. Govt Polytechnic Institute Mardan provides a wide range of Co-curricular activities as a part of time table suited to the ages of the students. We encourage variety of Co-curricular activities including debates, study tours, picnic, indoor games, Majlis-e-Iqra competitions, Dars-e-Quran and other outdoor activates that are arranged throughout the session.