Govt. Polytechnic Institute Mardan

Technology for Prosperity

Managing Director's Message

Technical and Vocational Education &Training(TVET) is gaining importance in wake of growing job market of skilled manpower. Today, Government Federal and Provincial levels lay high emphasis on strengthening and expansion of TVET with a view to engage youth and provide high technical skills to them in line with national and international job market requirements.

TVET, all over the world, is supported by three main pillars-Governments with a strong political commitment, a responsible and responsive Industry and quality oriented training providing institutes.

My focus is on the role of institutes for bringing about quality, efficiency and efficacy in training delivery. We all understand that the ultimate purpose of imparting Technical Education and Vocational Training is to enable youth to find a gainful employment in Local, National and International market. It is here that the role of institute becomes very important for preparing youth to handle/face challenging jobs requirement in Public or Private sector.

To me, the most important factor that affects the quality of training is the attitude of institute management and the faculty. Head of the institute matters as he/she directs and controls the daily activities towards achieving a goal set by the institute. He/she takes along the entire team to work within the vision and mission statements of KP-TEVTA. A good team headed by a dynamic Principal/leader will deliver, even, out of scratch and vice versa. This is what I have observed/learnt over my long career in TVET Sectors.

Notwithstanding some of the deficiencies in our existing system, we have enough resources in all Colleges/Institutes, which if utilized with prudence, can bring about a big change. It is only the matter of ownership which makes us work or not work. Our focus should be on the utilization of available resources on optimum level for ensuring a conducive Education and training environment for the students covering not only their Academic / Training requirement but their physical fitness and personal hygiene as well. Principal should be a role model for setting the attitudes of his/her team and students. We must be aware that doing a perfect job is not easy, hardship may come all along but determined people win, amidst problems, at the end.

Our society is over bulged with the youth and only we can bring a change by taking shift from traditional supply driven Education and Training to Educating & Skilling youth for Employment. The best performance indicators for an institute is to see how many of its passed outs are on job. We should re-align our institutes management by keeping track record of outgoing students by tracing their employment status and help students connect to the job/ entrepreneurial opportunities.

The students are advised to take full benefit of the time they spend in the institute and try to learn as much as possible because the time never comes back. Build your future with your own hands.

The Prophet (PBUH) said “Efforts come from me and its fulfillment from Allah: let’s try our best and do whatever we can within our capacity. Let’s put our trust in “God help those who help themselves”.

(Engr. Sajjad Ali Shah)

Managing Director, KP-TEVTA


Principal's Message

Dear Parents / students,
I cordially welcome you to Government Polytechnic Institute (GPI) Mardan. Choosing the right Technology / Trade is one of the important decisions you will make.
We the GPI Mardan team is pleased that you are considering studying at our Institute to equip yourself with the latest Technological demands both in land and abroad. The objective behind the establishment of GPI Mardan is to facilitate the youth of District Mardan and its surrounding areas with the availability of market oriented/ demand driven courses at their door steps (home district). The qualified/trained staff along with the facility of effective institute/industry linkages would, no doubt, cater the competitive skilled manpower need of the public and private sector.
Furthermore, getting students into educational institution is one thing, educating them is quite another. The former may be hard but the later is quite daunting. We are living in an era where much of the focus is on their education while character building/personality grooming remains neglected. However, we at our institute, strive hard for maintaining balance in education and Moral upbringing of our student. We hope that during study / Training at our institute you would be able to acquire knowledge, skill, and work friendly attitude, which would, no doubt. be an effective tool towards seeking job or becoming self-employed/entrepreneur. I feel honored to inform that our team, at GPI Mardan, has remained successful in achieving the above mentioned objectives. Ever since its Inception, our institute has successfully groomed a number of Diploma of Associate Engineers students in Civil, Petrochemical, and Architecture technologies. I am proud to announce that our Technicians are competent enough to accomplish their assigned tasks by their employers.
In my closing remarks I would like to inform the parents and guardians about the bright job Prospects awaiting their children both in local and abroad market. In the ongoing economic recession, acquisition of job is a dream cherished by parents and student alike. Fortunately, our institute have well developed links and our alumni have well penetrated the market. In short, our institution utilizes every available resource at hand to facilitate job acquisition in the market.

Engr Abdul Maqsood